Dot & Kelvin: A Philippine Engagement Portrait Shoot!

Happy New Year! We can’t believe it’s now 2008 but we are looking forward to another exciting year ahead! 

mist Photography was halfway across the world for this first engagement portrait shoot for 2008 – located in  Manila, Philippines (just imagine – local time at the shoot was 14 hours advanced of US Central time!). Cafe Juanita was a special place for Dorothy and Kelvin – with its eclectic and colorful decor (all the decor is also for sale!), so it just made sense to do the shoot at this popular restaurant.  The owner is a doctor-turned-chef, and he gladly opened the restaurant a little earlier for the day of our shoot.  Here are a few previews:

How about this movie poster shot from the first set! Kelvin saw the preview on the camera LCD and said it reminded him of the movie “In the Mood for Love”.

mist Photography - Dallas' Premier Wedding Photographers

They brought a book that both of them really loved, so we thought to feature it in a few of the shots:

mist Photography - Dallas' Premier Wedding Photographers

mist Photography - Dallas' Premier Wedding Photographers

How about this shot for a little drama?  Dorothy looked amazing in her red dress!

mist Photography - Dallas' Premier Wedding Photographers

The venue had different rooms and we thought we’d change up the mood a little bit by moving to a brighter room!

mist Photography - Dallas' Premier Wedding Photographers

And a more traditional shot to end the session…Congratulations Dorothy and Kelvin!

mist Photography - Dallas' Premier Wedding Photographers

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17 Responses to “Dot & Kelvin: A Philippine Engagement Portrait Shoot!”

  1. hi lesan, these are really nice pictures! very natural poses and the lighting is perfect 🙂 congrats to dots and kelv:)

  2. Wow ! i look at it and still cant believe that what im seeing is us…we are very blown away at how you transformed our poses and the place into something much more dramatic! and imagine we were so unprepared since we got little sleep the night before. Remember how the owner didn’t even recognize the place when you first showed it to him? We are very inspired by the life you both have!.. You guys are a wonderful couple who seems to have it all!

  3. Wow! Kelv is that you!!! hahaha. I couldn’t imagine deep down sweet ka pala pare. Its like watching an upcoming thriller of a love story movie. I like the last two pictures it’s simple, more realistic, and good location for the shot. About the second picture, pare parang devilish smile ata a. Enjoying the moment huh.

  4. ang sweet naman!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS to you and your lovely bride-to-be, Kelvin!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories with us. Do let us know when you plan to get married and I hope you and Dorothy will visit us in Rhode Island sometime!

    Aunt Mary

  6. The pictures look great! i can’t believe that’s my ahia. haha! joke!

  7. Amazing! The shots are really great! You look perfect together! By the way, who took those shots? You know I might get married soon. Hehehe! Congrats man!

  8. ohmygosh!!! everyone’s getting married! hahaha! (^^,)

    but seriously, those are really beautiful photos! you two look lovely together! can’t wait for the wedding pictures. congratulations to you both!

  9. whoa! congrats! its rare at this time and place do we see photos do justice to the love and commitment two people share! nice one kelvs! IMHO, i like the nose-to-nose shot. bwahahahah ^_^x

  10. everything’s just perfect! – the couple, the place, the photo, the mood. grabeh! a job well done for the three of you! truly BEA-U-TIFUL!!! congrats kelvs & dot, see ya soon

  11. congratulations guys! All the best and Keep everything in Christ centered in your life. See you soon! Great pics!

  12. the photos look gorgeous ^_^ fitting for one of my fave couples hehe. cheers ^_^

  13. Nice and lovely pics you guys have there. ^_^ Best wishes to you my best buds Kelvin and Dot. God bless. ^_^

  14. Congratulations! I am so happy for you both. Beautiful pictures too.

  15. Kelbs getting married???!!!

    Is this the same Kelvin I knew in college? You look more suave, more like a ladies’ man pare!! Gulat ako…Ayy..congrats pala!!

  16. Heya there-Kelvs & Dot! Very nice-especially the last three shots-my personal favorites!:p Loving your dresses, Dot especially the red one-simply beautiful!(“,)

  17. congrats to you crazy lovebirds… may God’s blessings shower you with tons of children

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